Encountering my world through art has been my lifelong interest. As a child, I’d pass the time hovered over sketchpads and canvases. Later, I attended college for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, which lead to my established career as an artist in the advertising industry. All the while, I’ve been inspired by my surroundings, creating things and exploring new materials. Through this exploration, I’ve found stone and wood to be my favorite media, making three-dimensionality my focus.

The sculptures and three-dimensional pieces I create are inspired by nature and the amazing world that surrounds us. Exploring and interpreting the movement and shape of creatures and plant-life in an abstracted and simplified manner drives much of my work.

When developing a sculpture, it may start out as a simple sketch that fits the unique shape of a stone or piece of wood. Or, I may select the medium to fit my concept. In either case, shaping stone and wood to my explorations brings great pleasure and many challenges that I enjoy resolving. If the end result conveys a feeling, sparks an idea or emotion similar to what I felt when inspired, then my intention has been fulfilled. And when the viewer wishes to feel the sculpture or is compelled to walk around and view it from all sides, I feel that I have succeeded in sharing the wonders of my world with someone.

7 thoughts on “artist statement

  1. Amazing work by an amazing artist! Emotional, inspirational and aspirational!

  2. Beatiful pieces! No words can describe your pieces of artwork besides breathtaking and unique.

  3. Your work is beautiful. I am happy I found your website. I am especially moved by Golden B. It tells an impactful story.

    1. Thank you Mauree, that means a lot to me, coming from you with your creative talent and experiences. Golden B was a special gift for a dear friend who’s been very supportive of my creative efforts. She rubs it for luck almost everyday. lol

  4. Helen,
    I love all your sculptors and really want to purchase one. Which one is available for purchase. Please let me know asap!

    Patti Schulz

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